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To finish this year 2014-2015, I finish with a sequence in visual arts / humanistic culture on photography. After digging my head, I looked for something that the students do not work frequently and that I like. I arrived at this choice a little by default when falling on photos of Robert Doisneau.

A problem arises with respect to copyright but well … it will be said that since it is for the school, we will play the rights of the National Education 😉

The idea is to have students read photos with students to teach them some terms of the language of photography that can be reused in the reading of any work of art.

Part of the specific vocabulary can be reinvested in activities dedicated to photography. I do not think many classes are equipped with reflex cameras to play finely with the details. To do this, I will use my smartphone (photophone) and autofocus (both of which are protected and shock resistant) by the students to try to apply the notions observed. In these notions, I think of the first and second plans, at bottom, about the cliché, the foreground blur which gives depth, the backlight, the macro … all the notions that could be useful to take / Read a photograph.

I want to get my students to meet a fairly large world of photography and I will do some back and forth in the themes observed.

So here is the schedule I planned:

  1. Robert Doisneau and light photos on childhood.
  2. Robert Doisneau and photos less light and related to the war.
  3. The military photo with a photo in “action” and a photo in very slight shift.
  4. The opposition with the student of the place Tien An Men and the “Afghan girl”.
  5. The photo related to the artistic milieu with “In bed with the Beatles” and Mike Jaeger by Jean-Marie Perrier.
  6. The event photo with the September 11th 2001 crash and the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the latter, I propose two photos to choose from
  7. A return in the picture of war with Robert Capa and the arrival of GIs in Italy, guided by a peasant and the rise of the American flag by four American soldiers.
  8. To conclude, return to the art photo with a photographer who can shock but the clichés chosen are visible to everyone: Helmut Newton. I propose two portraits (by Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins). In addition, two other shots of the same artist: X-Ray with chains which is a “radio” of a foot with an ankle jewel and a shoe then a portrait of Sigourney Weaver in 1983 looking at a film cutting his face with his shadow.
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