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Movies from the Health in Progress Program

Presentation of the different films that work with the Health in Progress Program developed by the Asociación de Prensa Juvenil.

There are many problems in today’s society that can be tackled through the implementation of preventive activities, with education being the basic element. Any prevention activity that has to do with the school world and education for free time has to combine fun value with the educational element, in order to make teaching and learning activities more attractive and, in this way, to fulfill With greater efficiency the objective pursued.

Cinema is art, spectacle and fun, but at the same time, it is an educational resource undoubtedly attractive to the young public.

The cinema shows episodes of science, culture, nature, etc. It presents discoveries, experiences, values ​​and countervalues, adventures and misfortunes, family and war conflicts, interpersonal relationships, hatreds and loves. Cinema is, in short, history; Is also current and is future … is life.

In just over an hour, a film is capable of presenting a problem and various alternatives or ways to deal with it. It allows the viewer to reflect on the attitudes of the characters and the consequences of their behavior. In just over an hour, you will experience the problems reflected in the film but without suffering the consequences. Watching a Stream online, with a critical attitude, ultimately allows us to assimilate experiences and take them as our own. Probably to get similar results is necessary a whole life. That is why, in cinema, teachers have a great ally not only for Securities Education, but also to address all areas of knowledge.

Aware of the importance of cinema and the interest it arouses among the public of all ages and, above all, of its great possibilities when it is used as an educational resource, our organization, with the help of the National Drug Plan, , An initiative framed in the Cinema / Education Program that allows teachers, sociocultural animators and, in general, all those institutions and professionals who carry out some kind of pedagogical work, stimulate and promote activities of groups of children, youth and adults who will feel extraordinarily Motivated to participate in the activities proposed after the viewing of the films. All this, thanks to a careful selection of films and orientations, prepared by the Center of Communication and Pedagogy (CC &

The Teaching Cards, available on the following pages, can serve as a formative introduction to the films that make up the Health in Progress Program. These Teaching Cards can serve as a starting point for the whole teaching-learning process proposed by the Health in Progress Program. In addition, the Didactic Guide and the Students’ Notebook are open on the program’s website through the links indicated in each file .

Indeed, the seventh art can be an excellent educational resource if the person, the spectator, is capable of evaluating and criticizing not only the argument but also all the elements that make up a film: script, actor direction, interpretation, Photography, editing, soundtrack, etc.

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