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Of urinals, reducers of toilet and other necessary things in home and school

When I started to write this entry I thought of titling “Operation Diaper” . But I thought only for a second, because I realized the galloping lack of originality that showed and because the phrase itself sounds too much war, and the thing is not so much.

Let’s see, the removal of the diaper is a bite, let’s not fool ourselves. I poke and poke everywhere for a while, but, fortunately, everyone survives and all babies learn.


Actually, if you think about it, the one that suffers most is the washing machine, which lives in a continuous “crescendo” of activity since your little creature arrived and you left your comfortable life of “that pair so enchanting” (also goes for the singles eh ?).

On how to remove the diaper there are a lot of things written that are pretty good and whose reading I recommend you, such as the tips of the blog mom can or bad.

I do not see myself able to contribute anything on this subject, so this time, I thought to take advantage of my tendinter slope to tell you about the management of the matter (again the warlike reminiscences): urinals and reducers for wc, stable benches …

Over time I have realized that in this subject, as in others, there is also a rare tendency to form “sides” : parents are defined as “potty” (I understand that they prefer that their offspring use the Cacharrito) and others are revealed standard bearers of the wc reducer .


In my case, I declare myself to be a fugitive , since I started buying the best toilet reducer, then I bought the potty and finally went back to the reducer.

I explain the reasons, so that nobody can sing about “la donna e mobile piuma al vento”: the toilet reducer , at first glance, I found it cleaner (it is) and simple (which it is not), which The potty , and the simple idea of ​​not having to empty and clean the appliance every two by three captivated me.

But the happiness was brief, and the girls were too small to feel safe with the reducer and had to be with them all the time. Also, not feeling safe, they were always “clinging” to the sides, so in the end it was not a relaxed situation nor could we read stories or anything at all.

Another fundamental reason was the fact that in the nursery school used the potty, in addition to a group, several children at a time sit (to chat?) In their urinals. It made no sense to use a routine at home and another at school.

Total, we hang the reducer and buy a potty .

I am not very giving advice, but I encourage you to compare the different urinals in the market, and is that although its use seems very … how to say, prosaic (not the word, I know), is a Cacharrito that has a very important function.


If we choose it well it will be a help and will make learning less cumbersome for all.

Personally my favorites are those of Babybjörn , with a huge difference from any other.

The reasons?, For my part those of always (one is monothema): the functionality . Personally I do not care if a potty has a duckling head and bright colors. I prefer it to have rounded and soft shapes and an ergonomic design like the urinal smart.



I see it essential to have a good anti-slip on the underside (we do not want anyone to slip and finish … up to the eyebrows) and have two pieces , so you can empty and clean as easily as possible (remember that you have to do many Times a day, and that is not precisely a task that we want to devote more time than strictly necessary).


The babybjörn potty has all that. If we go to the potty chair of the same brand … we see ourselves in the paradise of the urinal: everything that has the smart plus a supercomfortable backup .

That if, when the kids are a little bigger , I think that the toilet reducer is much cleaner and more comfortable, besides allowing them a greater autonomy.

In the video looks great.

Here too there are many types on the market, and for me again wins the Babybjörn , for details as the adjustable mechanism : it has a wheel that makes it “fix” to the toilet seat, so it does not move and does not make the Feel insecure or run the risk of throwing a pinch on your thighs.

They can take it off by themselves, and as for cleaning … I do not have to tell you anything, right? So much better.

A perfect complement to the toilet box is the stable stool or stool for children . Ideal for them to wash their hands alone or to go up and down by themselves of the toilet. The stable bench BABYBJORN has slip at the base and on the surface , so it is super safe and Comod to use.

Anyway, I hope that these ideas will serve you something if you face the “operation diaper” and, in any case, that the force accompanies you ….

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