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Specialist in SEO and School Financial Controller, the most searched profiles in 2014

One more year, Adecco Human Resources consultancy has presented the report “The most wanted”, which collects which will be the positions most demanded by Spanish companies in 2014 and the best paid profiles.

The report, which is already in its 9th edition, analyzes the strategic profiles for companies based on the commercial area, information technology, health, financial, legal and engineering. According to data managed by Adecco, the engineering area led the recruitment of qualified profiles (29%), followed by commercial and sales (21.3%), IT (16.5%) and health And health (10.2%).

Depending on these areas, the most demanded and most quoted professions are:

Engineering Area

  • Most Searched: Commercial Engineer with English . According to Adecco, this profile will have great relevance in 2014, as the crisis has generated the need to have technical profiles with business training. To qualify for the position it is necessary to have an Industrial Engineering degree and to master English . Among its functions, the advisory sale of the product, the advice and development of the project and the creation of a portfolio of clients stand out.
  • The most quoted : the profile that the greatest economic compensation will obtain throughout 2014 will be the plant engineer . These professionals are responsible for the planning and organization of the workshops in the industries, so it requires a degree in industrial engineering, fluent English, previous experience of 5 years in similar positions and communication skills and equipment management. The gross annual salary can reach 70,000 euros.

Area of ​​information technologies

  • Most Searched: Virtualisation Systems Manager . This professional is in charge of helping your team and end users by solving and analyzing technical problems, especially those derived from the connection anywhere in the world. The required training is computer engineering , with a high level of English and Windows support knowledge .
  • The most quoted: Responsible for Business Intelligence . Many companies require this professional profile to improve their results and strategy. Business Intelligence is a set of theories, methodologies, processes and technologies that transform data into meaningful information for business purposes. The university degree must be complemented with certifications and experience in platforms and design and development of BI. Minimum wages are around 60,000 gross euros per year.

Health area

  • Most Searched: Product Specialist. The report shows that the commercial profile has been of great importance in all sectors in 2013, so the trend will continue this year. The Product Specialist is the reference person for the commercial network of the sector, is in charge of training and technical support. To carry out this position is required a degree in the field of health sciences , 2 years work experience and skills in social skills and negotiation skills.
  • The most quoted: Market Access. For the second consecutive year, it is positioned as the best paid profession. This graduate in Pharmacy requires a high degree in marketing or pharmacy, a very specific profile with a very precise scientific and technical training and highly qualified to perform functions in the product R & D departments. Minimum wages are around 60,000 gross euros per year.

Sales and marketing area

  • Most Searched: Senior Account Manager. Increasingly, companies want to give a differential value to their products and increase their sales. The Senior Account Manager is an ADE or similar graduate with a high level of English, who has negotiation and customer orientation skills to generate new business in the companies.
  • The most quoted: Key Account Manager in New Technologies. Among the functions of this profile is the contact with managers of the target companies and the design of marketing tools. To work in this sector it is necessary to master English, have a degree in ADE or an engineering, have previous professional experience in sales and computer skills and skills in teamwork, proactivity and goal orientation. The maximum salary is 60,000 euros plus variable percentage.

Online sales and marketing area

  • Most Searched: Specialist in SEO and SEM . This professional with a high level of English and training in marketing , advertising or similar is responsible for the optimization of the company’s web pages as well as designing an online content strategy. The companies that are looking for this profile are, generally, marketing and communication agencies like brisbane seo expert.
  • The most quoted: Online Marketing Manager. This professional is one step further than the head of SEO, as he is responsible for developing a marketing plan and a communication strategy that encompass all online actions: monitoring, results monitoring, digital marketing actions. Requires a very high level of English and minimum experience in similar positions of 5 years. The salary ranges between 45,000 and 60,000 gross euros per year.

Financial and legal area

  • Most Searched: Financial Controller . These professionals are a key profile in companies, as they are in charge of designing and planning the company’s financial strategy. To carry out this position is required training in ADE or Economics , high level of English, minimum experience of 3 years in similar positions and a master’s degree specializing in finance or MBA .
  • The most quoted: Portfolio analyst of credit risks. The best paid profile in this sector is responsible for analyzing the risk management of different investment portfolios. Therefore, it is necessary to have a minimum work experience of 8 years and training in ADE or Economics and a master or MBA. The basic competences of this profile are the ability of numerical analysis and the management of financial tools. The annual salary can reach 80,000 gross euros per year.
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