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The custodian of this school stays up late each night and uses the vacuum cleaner to do this

Students at Peter Woodbury School in Bedford, New Hampshire are delighted to find a different drawing each morning on the class rugs wtih best budget vacuum. Ron Munsay is the author of these designs and concierge of the school and, we can say, he is happy to exercise his work.

“Ron is new to school,” said Angie Perron Wyand, a first-year teacher at ABC News.According to Angie, the students are delighted with Munsey’s work. “Before, I worked as a distributor of drinks, so I threw 60 or 70 hours a week, now works 40 hours a week, and it’s something that really enjoys.”

“He invests his time and creativity in something as simple as aspiring, but he takes it to the next level. It is always very useful. If you need anything, you will have it right away. It cleans all the rooms very well and always stays longer at night. ”


“He said he had always wanted to draw pictures on the carpets, but his wife would not let him do it at home,” said Deputy Director Dan Mitchell laughing.


“Your shift begins when the kids are gone and there is not much connection between the staff who are in charge of maintaining the school during the night and the students who attend class in the mornings. There are many people who come to school when the children leave and work hard to make the school a safe, comfortable and happy place for them to learn.

He is an employee of the school, but a stranger to children, so take advantage of the extra hours to have these little gestures that they can enjoy and remember when they get home. ”


The work of this concierge is really admirable, you can see that he loves his work and appreciates the children of the school even if he does not know them personally. We should all have good gestures like this every day to make life a lot easier.

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