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The Masvernat Hospital acquired portable showers for patients with mobility problems

The Hospital Management Team Delicia Concepción Masvernat received today 4 portable bed shower systems for patients with mobility problems, this system facilitates the hygiene tasks of the patients, allowing a complete bath, with a minimum risk of adverse events.

In this regard, the Director of the HDCM, Cdor. Roberto Quarroz said that this is very good news for the Hospital, since first-class technology is incorporated to improve the situation of patients.

“This system of showers in bed is unique in the world and is created by Bioengineering entrerrianos, which also speaks of the excellent human resources that there are in the province and they have acquired a company that is Higienar that has been for more than 3 years. is permanently linked to the Center for Health Technology and Disability of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) “expressed Quarroz.

He also explained that this type of initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Health of the province of Entre Ríos and by Governor Urribarri himself, who has left express directives to be able to incorporate this type of technology in the Reference Hospital of Concordia. Allowing better care for patients and also improving the quality of work of the health professionals of this hospital.

While the Head of the Nursing Service of the HDCM, Mabel Benítez, expressed that this portable system of shower in bed will be, a very important tool to perform the daily hygiene of the dependent patients who go through each one of the services of the hospital, being this acquisition a very pleasant news.

“Performing the bath through a water shower allows a higher quality hygiene and at the same time the patient feels more relaxed. Its use will be very practical “at the time of doing our work” I stress.

The Portable System of best shower heads in bed represents a technology of help for the daily life generating substantial changes in the quality of life of the dependents that are in the domicile.

It also means an important help for those who perform the cleaning of people with dependence.

The daily bath is an important factor since it allows to stimulate the sanguine irrigation maintaining the circulation, to alleviate pains

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