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The School of Armory of Eibar, today

Since April 1988, Armeria Eskola is a specific institute of Higher Vocational Training that imparts the technological baccalaureate and intermediate and higher training cycles in initial vocational training, and attends to the needs of its surroundings in the form of Continuous and Occupational Training, in regime Of late-night.
The history of Armeria Eskola is intimately linked to its foundational objectives, as a municipal center that was in its creation, in 1912, open to channel and influence the development of Eibar and region, supporting the armouring sector at first and making possible later , Technological development and product diversification with the expansion of its industrial specialties.
The School of Armory, then, was not a School of Arts and Crafts to the use of the time, since its mentors and leaders of the project, that at the time were entrepreneurs and workers armeros and engravers, missed the scientific-technological knowledge with Those who support their processes of artisanal transformation, in which they were outstanding.
From the beginning, in its programs, in addition to the practical ones, classes of mathematics, physics, technology and drawing, electricity, thermal treatments, French and accounting were given, among others, in the three courses that included studies in The School of Armory.
Within a few years, the influx of students was much greater towards industrial specialties than towards the armory, becoming, therefore, the Special School of Precision Mechanics and Armory of Eibar.
The promotions of students who passed through it were gradually transforming the arsenal industry, creating new companies and diversifying the product, while establishing themselves in Eibar and nearby towns – although there were those who moved much further away, insofar as the Students who came to the School of Armory came from towns and provinces more distant.
In 1950 the Alumni Association of the Armería School was created, in order to “strengthen the ties of friendship between alumni in defense of the interests of the school and improvement of the professional formation”.
This happened at age 38, since when the municipal council of Eibar, at the session of the municipal corporation of July 1, 1912, approved a motion “requesting the implementation of a School of Armory, Drawing, Arts and Crafts, exhibition Permanent product of the villa. Armory Museum and Non-Exploited Foreign Manufacture Arms Section “.
Just as these men tried to ensure the industrial prosperity of Eibar, “the only basis – as it was said in the motion – that it can settle their moral and material well-being, creating suitable workers who perfected the industry”, who gave to be the Association Of Alumni did it with the same spirit and at crucial moments of serious consequences of the Spanish civil war and the Second World War, intrepid men like those first, tried to influence the spirit and support to the School that had allowed them access to A culture of entrepreneurship and at the service of society.
Since then until today, there has been no project in which the Association has stopped supporting the School. And vice versa, in which the Management of the same has felt outside the project of the Association.
We had to influence society, companies and institutions, so that the original project was viable. Information, communication, participation and ongoing formation were key elements for those who went to the creation of the Alumni Association of the School of Armory, based on a common value: the friendship generated in the classrooms and workshops of the School and gratitude No match to it.
The eibarresa society and the one of its surroundings was in need of a School capable of inducing a spirit of innovation and of participation in those who went to the same, as it had been obtaining. But this became almost impossible if in turn they did not modernize its structure and technology.
In a joint session of May 10, 1954, the Town Hall and Board of Trustees agreed to cede all the movable and immovable property of the School to the Ministry of National Education for the symbolic price of 1 million pesetas, with the condition to the said ministry to address the Project of extension of the building and plans of study, maintaining the ones that had.
Two independent entities whose common objective continues to be to ensure the well-being of Eibar society and the region to which it contributes decisively through the men and women trained in their classrooms and laboratories, in addition to closely working with the business needs of each moment , Enabling advanced human and technological training according to the demands of industrial evolution.
An important facet of the Alumni Association of Armeria Eskola has been to offer, in collaboration with the teachers of the same, the support necessary to keep the workers of the companies up to date, adjusting to the technological advances of each moment, at the same time Which was kept recycled to the faculty of the center.
The Association has permeabilizado the business needs towards the School, making possible, in common, the adaptation of suitable professional specialties to the industrial framework of the zone and making that it was pioneer and inducing of new techniques through its students, of both the regulated system and Of lifelong learning.
It is a constant in the time that for when a company has needed professional training personnel prepared for manufacturing, design or production services, it has had beforehand in any of the specialties offered at the School: from precision mechanics And micromechanics, to industrial electronics, through industrial electricity and automation, quality control and management and development of mechanical projects or industrial delineation.

Aim for service and collaboration

Armeria Eskola and his Association are a singular example of the being and feeling of a population that, subject to strong economic and industrial crises and avatars, such as those of the Bajo Deba, which have been few, has managed to deal with them with intelligence and Courage to get up every time it has been done, with the support of the Institutions, having reached the Armory School the greatest recognitions, among which we can highlight the Tie of Alfonso X the Wise and the Gold Medal of Guipúzcoa.
The joint action of Armeria Eskola and its Association, has the pride of having created, sheltered, and promoted the development of the Tekniker Research Center, a center under the tutelage of the Basque Government, and continue to participate in the Foundation itself Name, to support companies in the area like Wiki Professional, making the most advanced design, manufacturing and production technologies available to them and in direct collaboration with leading European companies.
Given the changes that are taking place in society in general and ours in particular, Armeria Eskola, together with its Association of Former Students and the Tekniker Foundation, try to adapt to them by managing their teaching, relationship and technological processes, Under the prism of service to the society of which they are part. Trying to influence positively, with their daily activities, to counteract the effect of poorly understood competitiveness, in a society less participatory and selfish, path of isolation.
Armeria Eskola has tried, according to the historical circumstances of each moment, to influence the social welfare of its surroundings and to move towards a more just, human and open society.
We sincerely hope that the International Fair of Bilbao, with roots and decisive influence on the economic and industrial development of the Basque Country, of which our students are habitual participants in the many exhibitions organized, and especially the Biennial of the Machine Tool and The Industrial and Technological Summit, we want to join in its last Biennial in the current location and wish them “success in service”, which is so effective.
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